Walking Tall: The Importance of Podiatry for Young and Old

3 Ways Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Affect Your Feet

11 April

As an inflammatory autoimmune condition, rheumatoid arthritis can damage your feet by eroding the joints. Over time, this erosion can leave your feet swollen, cause pain when walking, weaken the surrounding ligaments and change the alignment of your feet. Those with rheumatoid arthritis are susceptible to the following three conditions as a result of joint […]

Four Tips for Treating Heel Spurs

18 February

If you feel sharp pains in the heels of your feet while standing or walking, you might be experiencing heel spurs. These occur due to a tiny bony protrusion from calcium deposits on the bone. Here are some treatments for this foot condition. Get Regular Exercise While it may seem like resting is the best […]

Common Reasons Why You May Need to Visit a Foot Clinic

11 January

Most people tend to overlook their feet, despite the fact that these body parts are what take the brunt of supporting your entire body weight. It is only when foot problems start causing debilitating pain or become embarrassing that some people may consider paying a visit to a foot clinic. This, however, is not the […]

Footwear rules for diabetics

04 November

When you are diabetic, you have to deal with numerous health complications, and it might seem like foot problems would be at the very bottom of your list. But actually, you probably spend a decent amount of time on your feet every day, and if you don’t look after your foot care as a diabetic, […]

3 Home Treatments for Heel Spurs

08 September

A heel spur is essentially a deposit of calcium that extends from the heel bone, which can cause discomfort as you walk. Sometimes, and especially in the early stages, a heel spur can go unnoticed, but at its worst it can make moving around a real pain – literally. If you suspect that you might […]

Ankle Sprains: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

03 September

An ankle sprain is a relatively common condition, particularly in active individuals. This type of injury occurs when the ankle is twisted or turned inappropriately. In simple terms, there are ligaments in the ankle area and these are responsible for connecting the leg to the foot. They are flexible and allow a wide range of […]

How to Use Essential Oils between Podiatrist Visits

03 September

There are a variety of reasons why you may see a podiatrist, but the crucial time for you is between visits. You need to maintain your foot health and ensure that small issues don’t become large problems. One of the ways you can maintain your foot health between visits to the podiatrist is to use […]

Symptoms and Treatment Options for Bursitis Of The Heel

02 September

Bursitis of the heel is a condition that’s characterised by inflammation of the bursa, which is a small fluid-filled pocket located just under your Achilles tendon. The role of the bursa is to prevent friction around your heel bone and protect the surrounding muscles and tendons. It can become inflamed when you overexert or put […]

3 Tips to Improve Your Feet’s Health

31 August

Many people forget to maintain the health of their feet until it’s too late, and they begin to suffer from severe ailments or injuries as a result of an accident. In many situations, injuries or infections could have been avoided with a bit more awareness about the health of your feet. Here are three tips […]